The digital revolution is quite evident in our continent more-so with the current generation, this serves in both a positive and negative light in that the power to share and access information is now on everyone’s hand; and with this, it is difficult to control what we consume. This has also contributed to the vast dissemination of negative & decadent information. We saw an opportunity to shape the proper conversations online and initiated the #IbuaAfrica chat every Wednesday from 6-7pm East African time.  
This is an online initiative to engage with ordinary young change-makers on the social media platforms through live twitter chats; it also acts as a way to give these agents of change a platform to share their stories and ventures with the world.

As of Jan 2018, we have had over 50 successful live chats with impressions of over 4 million people per chat.  We have had the top trending topic in the country over 30 times.

See our conversations here: