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George & Kassim

  |   Change Makers

Millions of young boys around the world dream of becoming world renown footballers this includes George and Kassim, 21 year olds who’s ultimate achievement in life would be to one day don the stripes of the Arsenals and Barcelonas of this world and play in front of thousands upon thousands of adoring fans.

However, growing up in Kenya, there was never a clear way in how this could be achieved, no clear structure of one progressing through the ranks to the elite of the football world. There were too many if’s, too many maybes, there was just too much left out of their control. That is the impetus on which Green Sports was formed.

George and Kassim started Green Sports Africa in 2011 when they were both in high school and had to save the little break money they had been given by their parents and used it as capital to start off. Despite the challenges they never gave up and their failures became the lessons that cemetented the foundations of success they have experienced so far.

The primary activity of Green Sports has been hosting of premier tournaments for Kenyan youngsters aged between 14 and 22 years old, both boys and girls. However, a Green Sports event is not an ordinary football tournament. At Green Sports, players pay to participate and in return are rewarded with added value ranging from the live recording and streaming of games as well as huge cash prizes. Over a dozen players who have participated in the tournaments are now competing in top European leagues.